Revolutionary Marketing Tools for Woocomemrce

Increase sales using powerful automated marketing tools such as WooCommerce support bots that integrate with your shop, automatic discounts, and follow-up.

Woocommerce marketing support chat


marketing automation

Marketing Tools

Innovative tools to grow your store, increase your customer base and boost your revenues.

admin features

Woocommerce Admin Features

View detailed customer information and order history directly into the admin area and insert products on the fly.

woocommerce chatbot

Woocommerce Chatbot

Revolutionary chatbot that autonomously answers questions related to your shop and products.

MVP planning

Marketing Tools

Keep customers satisfied and grow your customer base using RPAiX's advanced marketing tools to increase sales.
  • Follow-up emails and messages
  • Abandoned cart recovery
  • Returning visitorsmessage
  • Product removed emails and messages
  • Personalized and flash coupons

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Remind customers who left products in their carts to purchase with emails and chat messages delivered at intervals. Emails may include products in the cart, coupons, and auto-generated text like discounted prices.

  • Send up to 2 reminder emails + chat messages
  • Offer limited-time coupons
Reduce agent's workflow

Returning Vistors Message

Send a welcome message to those who return to your store and offer them discounts to increase their conversion rate. Or, re-engage your customer and let the chatbot manage the conversation in a friendly and human-like way.

  • An innovative way to re-engage customers
  • Offer limited-time coupons
24/7 support

Follow-Up Emails and Messages

Automatically send emails and chat messages to customers who complete purchases. Provide auto-generated coupons, ask for reviews, or suggest other products they might like. This is an excellent feature for cross-selling.

  • Increase revenues and sales
  • Offer limited-time coupons

Waiting List

When customers visit the pages of unavailable items, or when customers try to purchase these items via chatbot, automatically ask them to join the waiting list and automatically notify them when products come back in stock.

  • Conversation-like process
  • Automatically ask for user emails only if needed
Reduce agent's workflow

Product Removed Notifications

Re-engage customers who removed products from their carts by sending emails and chat messages with coupons valid only for the withdrawn products that expire in minutes. Use this tool to recover missing purchases.

  • Limited-time, product-specific coupons
  • Increase conversion rate
24/7 support

Social Share

Automatically send messages to customers who complete purchases and ask them to share the products they bought on popular social networks and messaging apps. As a result, increase your website traffic and social presence.

  • Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linked-in, Pinterest
  • More coming soon

RPAiX Support Chat Administration Area

With RPAiX Support Chat your agents can increase revenue and respond faster by providing vital customer information. RPAiX tools will help you boost your productivity.

RPAiX Support Chat Admin
Woocommerce support chat

Customer Shop Details

View your WooCommerce customer details in the Support Chat Conversations admin area directly. No time is watested. This tool increases productivity and responds quickly.

  • View customer lifetime total spend
  • View customer order history and order details
  • View customer total orders

WooCommerce Products Pop-up

Send product card messages from the support chat admin area with one click. Multilingual website? The pop-up displays automatically in the language of the user.

  • Insert product cards on the fly
  • Filter by category and search products
  • Fully multilingual
woocommerce product popup
woocommerce product popup

WooCommerce Cart Management

The RPAiX Support Chat admin area allows you to view and manage customer carts live. Customers can add or remove their products as they wish. As a result, customer satisfaction will increase, and so will your conversion rates.

  • View the customers cart in real-time
  • Manage customer carts and add/remove products
  • Fully multilingual

WhatsApp Shop Integration

Your WhatsApp shop can sync WooCommerce and your WooCommerce products. In addition, the RPAiX Support Chat will automatically generate a checkout link.

  • Synchronize WooCommerce with WhatsApp
  • Automatic checkout on your WooCommerce site
  • Use the chatbot to automate the user experience
WhatsApp shop integration

Automated Chatbot for WooCommerce 🤖

With RPAiX Support Chat, Conversational marketing is taken to a new level. The bot combines the AI of Dialogflow with the structured data of WordPress or WooCommerce to understand your shop data and answer complex questions autonomously.
be a better probelm solver

Products and Attributes

All product details, including prices, ratings and images, attributes, release dates, and more, are synchronized to the bot.

  • What's the price of iPhone 11?
  • Does Rayban sunglasses have good ratings?
  • Can I see some photos of the Armani Bag?
  • Do you have the Nike Air in yellow color?
Automatically qualify leads

Categories and Tags

The support bot syncs product tags and categories with your products and updates them automatically when you make changes.

  • Do you sell any notebook for less than $299?
  • Show me your t-shirts
  • Do you have any video course in promotion?
  • What are the best shoes of 2020?
Increase conversion rates

Shop, Cart, and Orders

RPAiX Support Chatbots can help customers by providing their personal information about carts and orders.

  • When my order will be shipped?
  • What is the shipping address of my order?
  • Display the items in my cart
  • Do you ship in Australia?
Increase conversion rates

Take a stand for the user

RPAiX Support Chatbots can do real-life actions for the user, such as opening web pages, adding products to carts, etc.

  • Add or remove cart products
  • Purchase a product
  • Redirect the user to shop, cart or profile page
  • More coming soon!

Woocommerce Integration Details

Support Chatbot syncs all product details, including prices, ratings and images, attributes, release dates, and other information.
RPAiX Brand

Access Advanced Support Chatbot Technology Starting at ONLY $9.91

Large brands with the budget can only use advanced chatbots to create complex interactions and human-like conversations. The RPAiX Support Chat allows you to access the same technology at a fraction of the cost.

Email and text message report


The synchronization is multilingual. Products, categories, and everything else will be synchronized in all available languages.

Free to use

Fully Automatic

No setup is required. Just synchronize the support bot from the admin area with one click, and it will begin replying to shop-related user questions.

learn while you build

Blazing Fast

The shop data is fetched independently from the WordPress system by directly accessing the database, ensuring the best performance.

Omnichannel Messaging Platform

The WooCommerce support chatbot is compatible with the most used messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram.