A full range of features that save you and your agents time

Streamline Your Marketing with RPAiX AI Live Chat (AiX)

RPAiX’s AI powered Live Chat gives you a unique marketing opportunity by giving your customers a personal touch and providing real-time help. Customers love live chat, so sales and revenue skyrocket every time they are used.

RPAiX Chat Marketing Features

Welcome Message

You should send a welcoming message to users when they visit your website and open the chat. It is displayed at page load and when the user opens the chat.

  • Multiple options
  • Multiple and automated messages
  • Multilingual
RPAiX chat welcome message
RPAiX chat follow up messaging

Follow-up message

If the agent replies after 15 seconds, you can send a request to the user’s email. This function can also be used when all agents are offline. Also supported are phone numbers and other fields.

  • Support for phone number and other field
  • Multilingual

Subscribe Message

You can increase your subscriber base by using live chat. Send messages to request user email addresses for setting up future confirmation emails. This feature integrates seamlessly with major newsletter providers, and is perfect for Starups and Small businesses.

  • Integration with the major newsletter services
  • Multilingual message and email
subscribe message

Newsletter Subscription

Send users further down your funnel and subscribe to your preferred newsletter when they submit an email via support live chat. Optionally, you can create a detailed list and include the user's name.
  • Mailchimp
  • Elastic Email
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Sendinblue
  • Sendgrid
automated messages

Automation and Triggers

When certain conditions are met, automation can be used to send messages, display pop-ups, and customize chat design. More than 13 conditions are available, and five automation types.

  • Messages, pop-ups, emails, SMS, and design
  • More than 13 conditions

Multi-Users Direct Message

Your users can instantly receive direct chat messages, emails, and text messages. Send out notifications by automatically sending personalized messages with your custom merge fields.

  • Support for emails, SMS and text messages
  • Send messages to several users
Woocommerce integration

WooCommerce Integration

Do you own a WooCommerce shop? Utilize the WooCommerce integration and access powerful automation tools created specifically for WordPress and WooCommerce.

Marketing Chatbot

Combining marketing tools with the chatbot will amplify the power of these tools. The bot can automate almost everything, even answering questions related to marketing campaigns. Chatbots can automate everything, making customers happier and saving you time.

Social Share

You can send messages to your customers asking them to share the pages they currently use on social networks. As a result, your website traffic can be increased, and you should have a social presence.

  • Support for Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Linked-in, Pinterest
  • More services coming soon
social share
Proactive support chat

Proactive Chat

Your agents should reach out before you open a chat. Agents can view the online users from the admin area and invite any user for a live chat.

  • Real-time online users list
  • Send a message to online users

Rich Messages and Surveys

Agents can engage users by using more than ten rich messages and can combine them to create a survey. In addition, agents can insert rich messages as strings with parameters directly into messages.

  • 10+ rich message types
  • Surveys
  • Rich message as shortcode
  • Custom rich messages
rich messages and surveys