The most common questions regarding software/app development, and their answers

This page contains the most frequently asked questions regarding software/app development. You can contact us via Contact Form if you don’t find the answer you are looking for.

What is the average time it takes to develop software?


This question is impossible to answer precisely as there are some projects that can be completed in a matter of days or weeks. However, there are also many tasks that can take years to complete.
We need to assess the project’s complexity and scope in order to give you a precise answer. We can give you an estimate of the timeframe once we have this information.

What is the cost of RPAiX development?

Our company pays our employees hourly, depending on how much technology is used and the level of experience of the specialists involved.

Do I need to be familiar with technical details in order to work with your company?

This is not necessary. You don’t have to be an expert in medical terms to seek out a dentist’s service. Software development is not something you need to know. We are. All the details and unclear moments of the project are explained to you by us.

All you need to have a clear understanding of your goals and how you plan to use the software product. You only need to be clear about your goals and we’ll help you make them happen.

What information is required from me in order to get started?

Please share details about your project, such as scope, timeframes or business problems you would like to solve.

How can you ensure product quality?

We use a quick iteration method and test our work regularly, taking into consideration all customer preferences and reactions. This allows us to deliver high-quality products to our customers within the stipulated time frames. Our top priority is quality

After the app is developed, do you offer product support?

Yes. We are happy to offer technical support and provide service for the apps that we have created. If you have any questions or need to integrate third-party services, we can help you further develop your software product.

I need both an iOS and Android app. Which platform should I choose to begin with?

The future application idea and target audience will determine which platform you choose. Each platform has its own revenue model. Apple users spend more on paid apps and in app purchases.

iOS is the best choice if you are looking for direct monetization. Android users are more numerous, but they are less likely than iOS users to pay for installation. They prefer free apps. Advertising in an application is more expensive if it has more downloads. Android is the best choice if you want to manage user attention.

It is best to start with one platform, or build a cross-platform app. This will make it easier to launch the project and allow you to evaluate its strengths and make necessary adjustments. This will help you save time and money.

Are you able to expand your team's size if needed?

We are always willing to adjust to your requirements, whether you want to reduce or increase the intensity of the project. We will be happy to include more members of our team in your project if necessary to meet your expectations.

Which programming languages and technologies do you use in your work?

Our specialists have a broad range of skills that allow us to provide the best solutions for our customers to reach their goals. The RPAiX profile basics include fullstack development to include LAMP, LEMP, MEAN, MERN, MAVN, ROR, APR.NET development, blockchain, and we also have experience with C#, ASP.NET Core/MVC and Xamarin. We also work with C# and React/React.JS as well as Node.JS and WPF.

What is the budget for the project and what size are you willing to accept?

A minimum budget of $3,000. Our portfolio has evolved over the years with both apps for large enterprises and those that are designed to be implemented by single-person teams. It doesn’t really matter how large a project is, but what it can do to solve specific problems is important.

Are you willing to sign an NDA

Yes, sure. We are always available to help you sign an NDA if you wish.

Which is your customer geography?

We are based in northern California, but our services are available to all customers around the globe. We have key markets in the USA, Australia and New Zealand as well as countries in Central and Western Europe.

How long must I wait before my project is started?

It typically takes around two weeks for people to start working on the project. It all depends on what the project features are and how many people are involved.

Which payment method do you use?

RPAiX offers few pricing options for its customers. These models allow companies to choose the most appropriate model: Fixed Price (Time & Materials), or Dedicated team model.

Can you make any changes to a product already developed by others?

Yes. Our software engineers have extensive knowledge of various technologies. This means that they will almost always be in a position to continue the product being developed by others.

We have an idea. However, we need to verify it. What do we do in this situation?

It is not always a good idea to spend all of your resources and time on a large project. The problem is, the project might not meet your market needs. If you have an idea but aren’t sure if it is right for you, we recommend that you start with the MVP development.

What is the process of project management?

Each project is unique, and each requires a different approach. However most of these stages can be applied to any of them. But the actual implementation process may vary. Please visit our step-by-step software development process to learn more about our work processes.

Where is your company's headquarters and employees located?

Our headquarter is in El Dorado Hills, CA in the USA. We have IT center in El Dorado Hills, and Osiceck, Croatia.