RPAiX is a team of 1000+ IT professionals. We can help you strengthen your development team by providing the IT resources required. We offer talent in all IT roles including software programming, UX, UI design, testing and DevOps.

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We support the following models of outsourcing cooperation

We offer IT staff augmentation to help fill in the gaps in your project's skills.
Staff Augmentation

Team Augmentation

RPAiX employees will temporarily join your development team under the supervision of your project manager. Your project will move 1.5-2 times faster if it is fully staffed with all the necessary skills.

This is best for businesses with established development teams who face tight deadlines or a skill shortage.

team augmentation

Dedicated Team

RPAiX provides a team of developers to assist with specific project tasks. This team can be used to work in collaboration with your internal development team or vendors. Our project managers are skilled and can oversee the work of our team. They also coordinate activities via various communication tools, such as Jira, Confluence, and Microsoft Teams.

Best for Multi-team projects that require you to manage the overall project’s progress.


Full Project Outsourcing

RPAiX will manage your entire software development project. As a result, you can save up to 30% on development costs by not having to hire, onboard, and train full-time developers.

Ideal for: Companies with overloaded or absent tech teams who want to reduce their involvement in project management.

Self-managed team

Managed IT Services

RPAiX monitors your IT infrastructure and manages your company’s IT operations (helpdesk, security).

Best for businesses without an IT department who require a vendor to ensure the IT environment is stable.


Looking for a Reliable Software Development Team Augmentation Partner?

RPAiX is a software development company that has been providing serving for the past 10+ years. We are a US-based business with development centers located in Eastern Europe/EU. Our company caters to both IT enterprises and software product companies. We follow ISO quality system, which allow us to deliver projects on schedule, within budget, according to customer's quality requirements.
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Key Advantages of RPAiX's Approach to IT Staff Augmentation

Modernization that makes you smile!
Staff Augmentation

KPI-based progress and quality control

RPAiX employs mature KPI metrics (Lead Time, Cycle Time, Deployment Frequency, Customer Satisfaction, etc.) To track project progress. Any KPIs clients ask for, we will gladly use them.

Self-managed team

Smooth communication and reporting

Modern tools are used to communicate with customers and provide daily reporting. We can also create a VPN connection with the customer’s systems, if needed.


Optimal pricing models

We recommend:

  • Fixed price model up to 6 Months of cooperation with specific requirements
  • T&M Model– for long-term collaboration with a priority to flexibility
  • T&M with a cap for long-term cooperation. Priority on cost-risk reduction.

Complement Your Project Team with Extra Skills

RPAiX’s expert team can temporarily augment your team. This will allow you to get started and move your project forward faster, without having to commit to long-term staff.

Doubt whether to Augment Your Software Development Team?

We will evaluate your situation, and then prepare a feasibility analysis with the TCO calculation.