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  • Talent pool of over 200+ qualified tech professionals
  • Solid Node.js knowledge;
  • Experienced developers with 5++ years' experience.
  • Internationally, there are hundreds of satisfied customers.

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    Why Hire Dedicated Node.js Developers at RPAiX?

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    Expertise and Experience

    RPAiX has dedicated Node.js programmers. This is how you can be sure who you are getting. Our experts have extensive experience in custom software design and technology education. We have a talented pool of over 200 tech experts who create fantastic software.

    screened software engineers

    Our board of Software Architects

    Our board includes software architects with more than 20 years of experience in the technology sector. RPAiX’s most skilled engineers are always driving team development and keeping an eye on new tech trends.

    professionals with experience

    Home Tech Services

    Our headquarter is in El Dorado Hills, in the United States. We offer Node.js development services throughout the country. However, we can still assist you if you are outside the US. Our services are available all around the globe.

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    Up-to-date in the Latest Technology

    Our IT industry experts keep an eye on everything. This is why we stay ahead of the curve in implementing new technologies into our products. It gives our clients an edge over their competitors and helps them win the market.

    Hire English-Speaking Top Node.js Developers
    To Boost Your Team!

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    Services We Offer

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    Expand Your Tram

    We can help you find the right Node.js developer to complement your tech team. You will benefit from our technical expertise and sound technical knowledge.

    Build innovative software products

    Build Innovative Applications

    We combine our experience with the latest technologies to create cost-effective and scalable applications. We are committed to quality and deliver apps half as fast as any other company.

    Scalable software

    Scale Existing Applications

    We can help if you are already using Node.js and want to improve or add new features. We have the experience to handle legacy code and help improve your app.

    Few words from our developers

    Our Business Models

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    Onshore Model

    We can help you find US-based Node.js developers to hire. They will be able to come to your location to assist you in delivering the best software solutions.

    Build innovative software products

    Offshore Model

    We provide outsourcing services for software development to our clients. So it doesn’t matter whether your developers are located outside the US; you’ll still get the most cutting-edge solutions.

    Build innovative software products

    Turn-key Solutions

    Our turn-key solutions services can help you create software if you need to gain Node.js skills to expand your team.

    Steps to Hire Flutter Developers

    Flutter development discovery phase

    Tell us about your requirements.

    This step is simple: you need to provide us with your developer/project requirements, and we will offer you a pool of Node.js professionals who best suit your needs.



    Interviews are arranged to evaluate potential candidates’ soft and technical skills to find the best Node.js developers. In addition, you can assess their code reviews and take part in test assessments.

    Sell Internationally

    Agile teamwork

    Start Your Project.

    Once you have selected the best Node.js developers, you can immediately begin working with them to build the most excellent software product in your industry.

    Hire Top Node.js Developers to Augment Your Team
    With Quality Curated Talents!

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    Solutions For Your Needs

    mobile chat app


    Node.js is an ideal tool for building various marketplaces, whether B2B or B2B. This is because these platforms are easily scalable and can be used by many people.

    marketplace app

    Website Builder

    Node.js can be used to build a website builder similar to Wix. It is a great environment to create customizable software that makes creating unique websites for your business easy.

    streaming app


    Node-js allows you to create microservices that can be used on almost every platform. For example, you can create a chat, collaboration, and project management tools.

    Flutter Technology Stack

    Programming Language

    • JavaScript
    • TypeScript

    Event streaming and queues

    • Kafka
    • NATS.io
    • RabbitMQ


    • Nest.js
    • Adonis
    • Express.js


    • JEST
    • Postman

    Code Quality

    • ESLint


    • PostgreSQL
    • Mysql
    • MongoDB
    • ELK
    • Redis


    • Gitlab CI
    • Docker
    • Kubernetes
    • AWS codepipeline
    • Jenkins

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I determine if the Node.js engineers you provide are a good fit?

    It’s pretty simple. We will help you find suitable candidates for your project. We will organize CV screening, code reviews, and interviews to help you find the best Node.js developers.
    Your Node.js developers can start working immediately. A competent project manager will be assigned to you, who will ensure communication between engineers and users. In addition, we will keep you informed about the fantastic progress of your project.

    I need to expand my development team. Can you help?

    We can assist you in bringing on additional software engineers to your team. We can help you with all your needs, whether you are looking to hire one Node.js developer or a group of them or if you are looking to create a new software product using our talents.

    Why should I work with your company?

    From the beginning of our partnership, we have kept our clients in constant communication. We do not hide any costs or problems and keep our customers updated at all software development and hiring stages.
    We can offer excellent services because of our industry expertise and the latest technologies.

    How do you manage communication on your end?

    Once you’ve chosen your team members to form a team, you’ll be assigned a project manager, who will keep in touch with you regarding your project’s development. However, you have the option to manage your node.js developer team yourself.

    Hire Top Flutter Developers to Augment Your Team
    With Quality Curated Talents!



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