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    Why Hire Dedicated Flutter Developers at RPAiX?

    hire dedicated flutter developers

    Home-Based Tech Talents

    Staying in the loop is critical to developing a high-quality software product when you are building your own. We maintain close contact with our customers through our main office in El Dorado Hills. Our clients can reach us at any time or visit us.

    screened software engineers

    Screened Software Engineers

    Hire dedicated flutter developers at RPAiX. RPAiX screens every software professional. Our dedication to excellence has gained the trust of our customers. We have built strong relationships with customers. Trust our engineers to fulfill your needs.

    professionals with experience

    Professionals with experience

    RPAiX offers Flutter app development. You get an experienced partner that is committed to your success. We had to endure a lot of challenges to gain valuable experience. Our capabilities help our developers get through even the most challenging situations.

    many software developers to choose from

    Many talents to choose from

    We are proud of our 200+ tech professionals, who are all well-versed and up-to-date on the latest technologies. We will provide Flutter developers for your project, whether you have one or multiple. Hire dedicated flutter developers.

    Hire English-Speaking Flutter Developers
    To Boost Your Team!

    BI software modernization

    Services We Offer

    hire software developers

    Empower Your Tram

    The right talent requires patience, perseverance, as well as expertise. As making the wrong decision can cost you a lot, it is worth considering all your options. Take your time finding the right experts for your team.

    Build innovative software products

    Build Innovative Software Solutions

    Our Flutter developers will assist you in creating innovative solutions that are in line with the current market trends. In addition, they will use their expertise to build a product that will propel you to success.

    Scalable software

    Scale Your Software Product

    Flutter developers are available to help with scaling and fixing products. We’ve worked on many projects in various industries, so we know what it takes.

    Few words from our developers

    Our Business Models

    hire software developers

    Onshore Model

    Do you prefer having a local team? Choose our onshore model for hiring, and your team can work at your office. No matter your location, we can send software developers to you.

    Build innovative software products

    Offshore Model

    Offshore hiring is the best option for those looking for reliable and economical solutions. However, look beyond the borders to find skilled experts and jumpstart your projects immediately!

    Build innovative software products

    Turn-key Solutions

    Your development team will focus on strategic tasks. You can delegate this task to us, and our experienced project managers will ensure that your product is released on time while meeting your requirements.

    Steps to Hire Flutter Developers

    Flutter development discovery phase

    Tell us about your requirements.

    Begin your long-term collaboration with us by meeting for a discovery session to discuss and agree on your requirements.



    We arrange interviews to ensure you hire the right people for your project. First, we ask you questions, and then you pick the most appropriate ones.

    Sell Internationally

    Agile teamwork

    Start Your Project.

    We don't mince words when it comes to agreements and documentation. Once you've decided to hire Flutter developers, we can immediately get to work on your project.

    Hire Top Flutter Developers to Augment Your Team
    With Quality Curated Talents!

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    Solutions For Your Needs

    mobile chat app

    Chat Application

    Chat apps have grown in popularity over recent years and are expected to gain more users. Chat apps are used by more than 2,000,000 people worldwide and have been climbing the charts in all areas. So hire RPAiX Flutter app developers for your next WhatsApp project!

    marketplace app

    Marketplace Apps

    In the last year, global marketplaces saw $2 billion in sales. In addition, many businesses have started to move online due to the closings of brick–and–mortar stores. With our Flutter developers, create the next revolutionary marketplace app to take your piece of the pie!

    streaming app

    Streaming Service

    Streaming services have been snowballing since the pandemic. As a result, the market has seen a surge in viewers, and this trend is unlikely to slow down soon. RPAiX has Flutter engineers who will help you build a reliable service that appeals to your audience.

    custom app development

    Custom Solutions

    Do you have an idea for a groundbreaking application? Then, give your project to our Flutter experts. They will bring it to market quickly and without wasting any resources. We’ll take care of everything else!

    Flutter Technology Stack

    Programming Language

    • Dart

    State Management

    • BLoC/Rx
    • Provider
    • Riverpod
    • GetX

    Code Quality

    • Unit/Widget/Integration
    • Mockito
    • Golden


    • Material
    • Cupertino


    • http
    • dio
    • connectivity
    • chopper


    • flutter_localizations
    • flutter_i18n
    • i69n

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the flutter app development process?

    Please complete the form to allow our software expert to analyze your request and shortlist top-of-the-line engineers. The first step in our collaboration is a discovery meeting, where we discuss your requirements and determine the team composition. Next, we create a list of requirements that includes your experience, knowledge, and expertise in the technology stack.

    After we have agreed on the team composition, we schedule interviews to meet with developers so you can ask questions and select the best ones for you. It usually takes 5-10 business days to augment a team, depending on the project’s scope and your deadlines. Once we have established a software team, it is time to begin the development process.

    Can I hire one Flutter developer?

    There are no restrictions on how many developers you can hire. We can accommodate your needs, no matter how many developers you require. We have 200+ tech experts onboard. They are skilled in many industries and techs. So you can always count on us to shortlist the best talent for your team.

    How can software engineers be suitable for my project?

    Before recommending candidates, our software specialists listen carefully to your needs and preferences. Our selection process considers many factors, including years of industry experience, tech stack knowledge, and soft skills.
    We organize interviews so that you can ask questions and complete a task.

    How involved am I in the development process?

    The level of involvement you choose is up to you. We can help you manage your team.
    If you prefer us to manage the entire process, we can assign a project manager to lead the team, set goals, and keep you informed of any changes to your product.

    Hire Top Flutter Developers to Augment Your Team
    With Quality Curated Talents!



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