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What is a Discovery Phase?

Software development discovery is the process of defining features and business details for a product and identifying any technical and business implications. This includes identifying all user and business requirements and specifications. Customers receive a prototype and all documentation necessary to begin the development process.

You may also need to modify the project in development. Software development’s discovery phase lets you precisely understand what you can do at a particular point and where it leads you. It also helps you see how the whole development process will change. It does not slow you down, but it changes the direction.

Finally, we strongly recommend discovering all specifications and needs in the middle or at the end of a project if you haven’t done so already. It will allow you to spot any mistakes and correct them before it is too late.

Discovery Phase Specialists

The discovery phase of the process is complex. It requires collaboration from many different specialists.


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How long will a DISCOVERY PHASE take?

It depends on numerous factors: idea maturity, domain complexity, product phase, etc.

discovery phase time
Below are some examples of situations where it is crucial to understand the importance and purpose of the discovery phase in projects:

Why Discovery Phase is Essential?

At RPAiX, we believe the discovery phase of software development is necessary, regardless of the project size.
telemedicine software

When Your Idea is Not Validated

These are situations where the idea is too vague or uncertain to be considered a starting point. It’s similar to running without a training plan or running shoes. The discovery phase of software development projects is crucial in this instance.

mobile app development


When more than one person is working on an idea, it seems impossible to avoid conflicts and contradictions. After the discovery phase, you will find fewer topics to debate and more things to talk about. We identify and develop relevant ideas together while maintaining a team atmosphere of cooperation and dialogue. This is especially important at the beginning.

Cloud Applications

A Complex Project

A larger project can lead to costly errors. Complex projects require more resources, are more difficult to identify the market and target audience, have more competitors, and can be more difficult to implement changes. The discovery phase reduces risks and preserves product competitiveness.

Cloud Applications

When There's No Margin for Error

Many entrepreneurs don’t give their businesses the right to make mistakes. It’s not about making mistakes that could lead to a company going bankrupt. These cases require that you invest in the discovery phase of software product development.


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What DO You DO During the Discovery Phase?

1- Collection of Information

Definition of the target audience.

What are the trends and ideas that these people have in common? How can they communicate between themselves and brands? What problems or requests do they have? You can find the perfect combination between the software and your needs by providing honest, detailed, and accurate answers.

Communication and collaboration with stakeholders

The next stage in the project discovery phase for software development is communication with all stakeholder groups and top management. Documentation, planning, goal setting, and KPIs are all primary goals.

Market Analysis

Data are what turn an idea into action. This is the place to conduct a thorough market study and analyze its characteristics and features. Based on this data, the chapters for the road map have been developed.

Identifications of competitors

This is where the key tasks lie: to assess how competitive the market is, identify key competitors and their strengths and drawbacks, and then make efficient use of the information.
2- Mind Mapping

Mind mapping allows you to organize data and ideas in a way that helps you see the connections and dependencies between them. It helps you understand how ideas interact and what works best for your specific project.

3- Feature Set

The Product Requirement document, also known as the PRD, contains all technical requirements for the project. It is a written model of the future application and consists mainly of the features list.

4- Prototype Development

A prototype is an interactive version of the application you want. The prototype can be used to verify the concept and also to show that the idea is technically possible. It becomes evident at what point technical complications might occur.

5- Testing and Feedback

It’s not easy to deliver a perfect product the first time. Therefore, testing and receiving feedback from users is essential. In addition, the prototype polishing techniques allow for error correction and implementation of necessary changes.

6- Determining scope and work method

After defining our goals and requirements, we determine the resources required to achieve them.

7- Preparation for the development process

The finalized technical documentation includes the code audit results and product architecture. This structure underlies the entire project, showing how the software’s functional elements interact.

8- Estimates and Roadmap

A roadmap is a guideline showing how the product development process works. It allows the management and development team to have complete transparency regarding all stages and their order, navigate the timings and milestones and follow the established plan.

The company will provide you with an accurate and detailed estimate simultaneously with the roadmap development. This estimate can include possible deviations from your development plan that could affect the budget and timing.

Consequently, after the discovery phase of a software project, the client is notified:

  • Clickable prototype
  • Cost proposal & estimate
  • Functional requirement document
  • Solution architecture scheme
  • Project plan / Roadmap

How We Start Your Discovery Project?

Discovery can take up to several months, depending on the project. However, the discovery phase of software development usually breaks down into four simple steps.


We start interviewing domain experts and the client to better understand the concept of future software. We gather information about the audience, competitors, and infrastructure during this process. We can also bring in insights from any preliminary research a client has done, such as a user survey or marketing study, to understand the project’s potential better.



This step involves the critical participants in the Discovery project from our side, business analysts, design experts, and management. We analyze the input data and conduct research. Our experts analyze the market, competitors, trends, industry standards, and client brand specifics. They also research technologies and third-party platforms that may apply to the project.



Effective communication and transparency are essential at all stages of any project. The discovery phase is no exception. Once we have outlined the project requirements and found out what they are, we hold a workshop with key stakeholders to review the scope and details. Next, it’s time to get down and work on the deliverables.



Now it’s time for the Discovery. We will prepare All documentation, reports, and other deliverables. We usually hold another workshop with clients and other stakeholders to share our research findings, present the strategy, and provide a step-by-step, detailed plan for system development.


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How Much Will a Discovery Cost?

A custom software project’s discovery phase can cost from $5k up to $15k, depending on its size and scope.

If you don’t want UX/UI, the discovery project will only cost $5-9k. It won’t take longer than a month. It is an excellent option for a moderately complicated software development project lasting between 3 and 12 months. It is not necessary to have a very detailed development plan.

Discovery costs vary depending upon the project’s complexity and the deliverables needed. For example, it will cost you between $10-20k if your project includes UX/UI design and detailed specifications. However, this is rare and usually applies to large multicomponent systems.

Questions if Discovery Phase of Your Project Will Pay Off?

We can help you decide the best way to proceed in your case. You are searching for an experienced team to help you determine the cost of your software development project and guide you through discovery.