IoT Application for Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances App


The client is an international appliances manufacturer.

Technology is moving fast and the majority believe that Internet of Things (IoT) is likely to be the next monumental shift in our economy. It is a highly disruptive technology to many global enterprises, therefor a great opportunity for companies to leverage its power and win the race in their industry space.

The Challenge

Client proved to be an innovative kitchen appliance maker thinking out of the box. They produced fun, intuitive, intelligent and connected products to win the heart of their customers and create an unforgettable user experience. The goal was to create once app with 3 products connected with each other. Clients' Smart App and Platform.


Mobile App Functions – What does it do?

Clients’ app is an Internet of Things (IoT) app supporting clients’ IoT smart kitchen appliances.

It allows customers and owners of clients’ products to:

  • Control all their appliances, from home or from a remote location
  • Provides digital assistant to support voice command and vocal response
  • Create user profile based on user's needs
  • Monitor system performance and alert in case of a problem detection
  • Reminds users when it's time to change a filter or CO2 bottle
  • Contact support or online purchase
  • Dashboard to visualize all important data collected

How it works?

clients’ App is activated either by WiFi or Bluetooth, all it takes is a smart device connected to one of clients’ smart appliances and a home router with internet connection.
The data collected is sent directly through the router to a special highly secured cloud system where it will be analyzed, and action is taken if needed. The smart device is used to control the appliances thru Client’s smart app.

Smart water system

The app allows user to instantly control the boiling and chilling temperature
  • Soda intensity – select between 3 different intensity levels
  • Timer profile – set user profile, determine operation and non-operation hours to save energy and reduce your electricity consumption
  • Time to replace – check the status of your water filter or CO2 tank
  • Service call – request a service or technical support
  • Voice activated assistant – operate your system thru voice with a digital assistant

Smart cooker hood

Big data analysis/ Business intelligence
  • Self-diagnostic/ active preventive maintenance
  • User alert/ data visualization
  • Dedicated dashboard for user/retailer/distributor
  • Remote access/ Local access APP

Smart induction cooker

  • Self-diagnostic/ active preventive maintenance
  • User alert/ data visualization
  • Dedicated dashboard for user/retailer/distributor
  • Remote access/ Local access APP


The clients’ platform is constantly collecting data in order to provide user full view on product operation efficiency and status
Data visualization is used in order to provide all the necessary information with a pleasant look and easy to read format.

Amazon Alexa

Cooking? your hands are full? how about voice activation? with clients’ product all you need is your voice, simply command “Alexa, ask APP to turn on boiling water.” and Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, can do the task for you allowing you to keep your hands free while you are working around the kitchen.


successfully delivered.

*All case studies are for illustration purposes only. Due to NDA agreements between the client and the development team, project details cannot be disclosed.




iOS, Android, Big Data, IoT

Areas of Expertise

Android mobile app development


6 Months


2 mobile app developers, 2 backend developer, 1 designer, 1 business analyst, 1 project manager