Connect AI Powered Support Bot by RPAiX

Using the most advanced AI powered support bot in the world, you can speed up customer resolutions and automate conversations in less than a minute.

RPAiX Smart Support Chatbot
automated communication

Automated Communication

As a virtual agent, the bot will respond to visitors’ messages when it knows the correct answer. However, if the bot cannot find the right answer, a human agent will be informed, respond to the message, and take control.

  • Automated communication
  • Easy 30-second installation
  • Custom bot reply delay
  • Human-like conversations


no coding required

No Coding Skills Required

Simply add your questions and answers in your admin dashboard, and Dialogflow will handle the rest.

learn while you build

Learn While You Build

Start with a simple bot and then move on to more advanced features such entities and contexts.

online guides and videos

Online Guides and Videos

Dialogflow is a leader in the bot industry. There are many online tutorials, help articles, and YouTube videos.

Ready-To-Use Templates

Making the first steps to creating a chatbot may seem daunting. Dialogflow offers several ready-to-use templates for chatbots that can answer general questions.

  • More than 45 templates
  • Automatic replies to general questions
  • App Management
  • Banking
  • Car
  • Coffee Shop
  • Alarm and Reminders
  • Currency Converter
  • Date
  • Device
  • Dining Out
  • Event Search
  • Traffic
  • Translate
  • Unit Converter
  • FAQ
  • Flights
  • Food Delivery
  • Formats
  • Hotel Booking
  • Job Interview
  • Jokes
  • Language Settings
  • Local Services
  • Maps
  • Mobile Accounts
  • Video
  • Weather
  • Music
  • Navigation
  • News
  • Online Shopping
  • Radio
  • Support
  • Restaurant Booking
  • Smart Home
  • Television
  • Time
  • Tips Calculator
  • Web Search
  • And more ...
Support chat templates



Increase productivity and work flow

RPAiX Support Chat can be used to reduce stress in agents by answering boring and repetitive questions automatically.

Reduce agent's workflow

Reduce Agents' Workloads

RPAiX Support Chat Bots can averagely respond to 30% of customer service requests. This frees up your team for more important tasks.

24/7 support

Support bots run your website 24/7

The RPAiX support chatbot can work 24/7 to save you time and money. Therefore, the bot is permanently active.

be a better probelm solver

Be a Better Probelm Solver

With RPAiX Support Chatbots reduce customer wait times by answering users’ questions in seconds.

Automatically qualify leads

Automatically Qualify Leads

You can connect with potential leads immediately and get user details automatically through human-like conversations.

Increase conversion rates

Increate Conversion Rates

You can use your online presence, instant responses, and professional communication to increase your conversion rates.

Train ChatGPT on Custom Data

Train ChatGPT on Custom Data

Elevate your customer engagement game with Chat.RPAiX + OpenAI + Dialogflow on steroids – a truly transformative solution that brings a new dimension to AI-driven interactions.
Train ChatGPT on Custom Data

Chat.RPAiX + OpenAI + Dialogflow on Steroids!

Enhance your Chat.RPAiX chatbot’s capabilities with our custom data training service. We tailor the chatbot to understand your industry-specific language, ensuring accurate and personalized interactions. Leveraging Dialogflow and OpenAI, we fine-tune responses to match your brand’s voice and address user queries effectively. Elevate your customer engagement with precision and expertise.


Prompt Editing

Transform your chatbot’s interactions into finely-tuned conversations with Chat.RPAiX’s prompt editing feature. Customize the chatbot’s tone and offer valuable information to ensure precise responses to user queries.

Reduce agent's workflow

Responses and General Questions

Should a question fall outside Dialogflow’s scope, Chat.RPAiX seamlessly steps in with answers from OpenAI. You also have the flexibility to enable or disable Dialogflow as needed.

24/7 support

Dynamic User Expressions

Elevate your chatbot’s versatility by generating diverse user expressions for Dialogflow Intents. Automatically refine your chatbot’s performance and enhance its understanding.


Spelling Correction

Bid farewell to spelling errors. Chat.RPAiX’s advanced technology detects and rectifies spelling mistakes in user queries, ensuring precise interactions with Dialogflow.

Reduce agent's workflow

Message Rewriting

Experience the power of message rewriting as Chat.RPAiX enhances agent messages. Infuse greetings, refine language, and maintain a polished and friendly tone.

24/7 support

Smart Reply

Empower agents with the smart reply feature, offering quick response suggestions based on user messages. Save valuable time and enhance customer service.


Fine-tune OpenAI

Fine-tune every aspect of OpenAI and ChatGPT with precision. Adjust temperature, frequency, custom models, and more to craft tailored interactions.

Reduce agent's workflow

Human Takeover

Chat.RPAiX ensures uninterrupted conversations. When OpenAI can’t reply, utilize the human takeover option to effortlessly transfer to a live agent.

24/7 support

Global Communication

Expand your reach with Chat.RPAiX’s multilingual capabilities. With just one click, tap into Google AI’s robust multilingual features and effortlessly engage users across languages.

dialogflow intent

Chatbot Training on the Fly

You can improve the bot’s performance by answering questions and providing real-time answers. For example, with just one click, admin users can send questions to human agents and provide new answers to the bot.

  • Include multiple user expressions
  • Have your agents train the bot
  • Multilingual training

Rich Messages and Surveys

The RPAiX support bot has the same functionality as a human agent. It can send attachments and rich messages, surveys, and media. These are all easy to add to the bot’s message.

  • Rich messages as shortcode
  • Attachments and media
  • Surveys
  • 10+ rich message types
rich messages and surveys

Why Dialogflow Integration? Why Not an In-House Solution?

Artificial Intelligence is the power behind the best chatbots. Only a few AI Labs can provide real artificial Intelligence. We aren't trying to outdo them; we consider them our friends. We believe that AI bots should have the ability to think for themselves. Dialogflow by Google helps us achieve this goal for our Support Chatbot platform.
Human Takeover

Human Takeover

RPAiX support chatbot  is always under the control of humans. You can take control of a conversation if a bot does not answer. Agents are only alerted by the bot when needed using various methods.

  • Multiple human take over methods
  • Notifications only when needed
  • User confirmations
  • Other options

WooCommerce Integration

The RPAiX chatbot can read WooCommerce shop contents using the AI of Dialogflow and the structured data from WooCommerce. It can then provide relevant answers. For more information about this feature, click the button below:

Woocommerce integration
Google assistant and knowledge base

Google Assistant and Knowledge Base

Your RPAiX support chatbot can gain additional knowledge to enhance its superpowers. For example, the bot will automatically use your Knowledge Base questions and answers, Google Assistant articles, or RPAiX Support Chat articles.

  • Google Assistant
  • Dialogflow Knowledge Base
  • RPAiX Support Chat articles

Artificial Intelligence

Your support bot can engage in conversation with humans-like quality using state-of-the-art artificial Intelligence. In addition, the bot can interact with users at all levels using data and machine learning.

  • State-of-the-art artificial intelligence
  • Human-like conversations
artificial intelligence
social media integration

Omnichannel: Works with Telegram, Facebook, and More

Support chat allows seamless connections to all major messaging platforms, including Facebook Messenger and Telegram. It also supports rich messages across all platforms.

  • Compatible with Facebook Messenger and Facebook Workplace, Telegram, Slack, LINE, and Google Hangout


You can check for missing questions, track the total number of chats you have, and view sentiment analysis. In addition, you have access to data all day, which allows you to fine-tune and improve your bot every day.

  • Broad set of reliable reports
  • Checks missing user questions
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Total number of bot chats
RPAiX Cahtbot Analytics

Bot Actions

Your support chatbot allows your chatbot to perform actions for users, like opening emails, changing departments, or even changing articles. To see the complete list of actions, click here.

  • More than eight actions are available, and more are coming soon
  • Allow the bot to act on behalf of the user
Bot actions

Support for Dialogflow CX & ES

Dialogflow CX and Dialogflow ES can access all features on this page.

Additional Features

Below are some of the cool RPAiX support chat features. Each feature is intended to enhance your chatbot's capabilities.
Email and text message report

Email and Text Message Support

The support chatbot can automatically reply to users’ emails and text messages if the answer is known.

Free to use

Free to use

Dialogflow is free to use. However, enterprise businesses with a high traffic volume will require a paid plan in addition to RPAiX support chat fees.

learn while you build

Machine Learning

RPAiX support chat platform uses machine learning to understand what users say and extract structured data accordingly.

machine learning in chatbot

Natural Language Processing

Using years of domain knowledge and big data, the integrated Google’s Dialogflow NLP is among the most advanced in the world.

sentiment analysi

Sentiment Analysis

RPAiX support chat recognizes user sentiments and can spot frustrated users with score and magnitude metrics.

data extraction

Entity Detection

Integrated Dialogflow in support chat can extract structured data from end-user expressions to understand questions like humans.