AI Powered live chat and support for web hosting companies by RPAiX automates applicants communication. Our optimized Live Chatbot platform for web hosting companies and the conversational market allows you to improve customer service and increase sales for your web hosting company..

AI powered live chat automation for sales

Here's Why You Need to Use RPAiX Live Chat Tool to improve customer service and increase sales for your web hosting company.

boost sales
Deliver Better Customer Service

Boost Sales

With RPAiX live chat You can chat with prospects in real-time, help them select a hosting plan and close more deals.

24/7 support
Powered by Artificial Intelligence

24/7 support for your clients

Respond quickly to customers’ questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and help clients transfer their websites to your web hosting platform.

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Auotomation Meets Conversation

Build trust

Your customers will gain trust when you are always available to answer any security questions and help them solve their problems.


Understanding your customers

Clients sometimes find it difficult to express their feelings. Although they can rewrite messages several times before sending them, the message still needs to be clarified. RPAiX live chat lets you see what visitors are typing before sending the message. As a result, you’ll be able to understand your customers better, offer excellent support and increase sales.

Proactive support chat
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Answer common questions in no time

RPAiX Live Chat allows you to prepare answers to common questions and send them in just a few clicks. This saves time and helps your support and sales teams keep time for more critical chats.


Train Your Own Data with Chat-GPT: Up to 100 Messages, No Programming Knowledge Required

Looking for a taste of enterprise-level capabilities without the hassle of trials? Look no further. Our basic free account at RPAiX Chat gives you a direct pass to experience the power of our platform, complete with select enterprise features, all without the limitations of a traditional trial.
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Help customers help themselves

RPAiX live chat platform allows you to create a help center to provide your customers with quick access to FAQs, how-to guides, and other information about your web hosting services.

knowledge base
RPAiX Support Chat report

Monitor your performance

Continuously analyze the chat activity on your website and get detailed statistics about the chat volume, engagement rates, customer satisfaction, etc.

Try RPAiX live chat even with a single step, and enjoy a smooth communication with your web hosting customers in no time.


Incorporate RPAiX live chat into your work flow

Your website should have a live chat widget. RPAiX live chat lets you customize the chat widget appearance to fit your website design. For example, you can change your chat widget’s color, background, text, position, and sound, and many other live chat features


Customer services is our top priority

RPAiX Live Chat has a help center. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. Our support team can assist you, whether you are a paid client or a free user. They will respond quickly and help ensure your product knowledge is well understood.

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