AI Powered live chat and support for small business by RPAiX automates customer communication. Our optimized Live Chatbot platform for small business and the conversational market can save you time and increase productivity and your revenues.

AI powered live chat automation for sales
24/7 support
Deliver Better Customer Service


You will have the tools to offer excellent customer service and an exceptional live chat experience for your small business.

smart bot
Powered by Artificial Intelligence


Chatbots for small business that can be used to communicate with users. No coding required. Automate customer service easily

marketing automation
Auotomation Meets Conversation


Our innovative marketing tools for small business and enterprises will increase sales, generate leads, improve revenue and streamline sales processes.

Here's Why You Need to Use RPAiX Live Chat Tool for Your small business Sales and Marketing

lead generation

Lead Generation

It’s important for small business to increase sales leads, send automated messages 24 hours a day and collect email addresses from visitors.

reduce card abandonment

Increase Revenu

RPAiX Live chat allows you to respond quickly to prospects, win their trust, close more sales, increase revenue and provide instant responses.

Brand loyalty

Customer Support

To provide better support, you can answer questions via different channels from RPAiX live chat platform.


Engage your prospects in live chat to increase your sales

Sending automated messages to your prospects will help you initiate more conversations. Increase sales by converting website visitors into customers

pop-up messages
follow up message

Automatically collect visitor emails to help you get more leads.

A small or medium-sized business needs to be able to obtain leads. RPAiX Live Chat makes it easy to send automatic email address requests, contact your website visitors after they leave the site, and grow your customer pool.


Train Your Own Data with Chat-GPT: Up to 100 Messages, No Programming Knowledge Required

Looking for a taste of enterprise-level capabilities without the hassle of trials? Look no further. Our basic free account at RPAiX Chat gives you a direct pass to experience the power of our platform, complete with select enterprise features, all without the limitations of a traditional trial.
RPAiX live chat launch sale

Offer your services and product 24/7

AI Chatbots can be created to answer customer questions and draw leads from anywhere you are.

Support Chat marketing features
know your customers
Chatbot ONLY

RPAiX chatbot can be available without live chat widget.


Don't waste your time learning about products.

RPAiX live chat is built for people. It is easy to use and will make it easy for you to get the most out of RPAiX live chat. You can add the widget directly to your website and start chatting in no time.

knowledge base
loc cost investment

Focus on the profits and not the expenses

Send automatic pop-up messages to your website visitors inviting them to chat, and answer prospects’ questions to increase sales.


Connect RPAiX live chat with the apps that you use

Small businesses may use multiple apps, so RPAiX live chat may be integrated into your existing workflow. Zapier and API are available to connect RPAiX Live chat to other apps.

Multiple websites

Keep all your conversations in a single place.

It is helpful to increase sales by being present on popular social networks and messengers. For example, you can connect RPAiX live chat to WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, and Twitter to answer questions from multiple channels within one app. (available in paid plans)


Go Global

Selling to international customers is an excellent way of expanding your small to medium business. RPAiX live chat widget automatically detects the visitor’s browser language to make it easier for foreign clients starting a chat.

user details

Know your customers

The RPAiX live chat app lets you see the locations and channels that bring you traffic. This will help you choose the right advertising strategy for your small business niche.


Increase your revenues by getting repeat customers

Customers are more likely to buy from you if they have a positive experience. Use emojis to give your messages more personality.

returning visitors
know your customers

Be GDPR-compliant

The GDPR applies to your company if you are in the EU or have any business dealings with the European market. RPAiX Live Chat offers all the features you need to stay GDPR compliant.