AI Powered live chat and support for education by RPAiX automates applicants communication. Our optimized Live Chatbot platform for education and the conversational market can increase encrollment, build relationships and get feedback.

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Here's Why You Need to Use RPAiX Live Chat Tool to Increase Education Enrollment, build relationships and get productive feedback.

24/7 support
Deliver Better Customer Service

Increase enrollment

Your representative can chat with the education website visitors using live chat. Assist applicants in the admission process and increase enrollment.

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Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Build relationships

With RPAiX live chat, you can start building positive relationships and learning-friendly environments with your future students as soon you have them visit your website.

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Auotomation Meets Conversation

Get feedback

Receive feedback in various areas like an ecommerce marketing course for example from your students in RPAiX live chat. Improve the education process.


Enjoy communication

RPAiX’s intuitive live chat interface makes it simple to respond to parents’ and students’ questions immediately. Add the RPAiX Live Chat widget in just a few simple steps to your education site, and you will immediately enjoy the communication.

pop-up messages
human-line chatbot conversation

Be online 24/7

RPAiX Live chat can integrate into your education site in an instant. It allows visitors to leave messages, and you can respond even when your representatives have been offline, and it automatically collects visitor emails during offline hours. Answer questions as soon as possible and notify us about any responses.


Train Your Own Data with Chat-GPT: Up to 100 Messages, No Programming Knowledge Required

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Deliver a multi-channel experience

You can connect your RPAiX live chat to messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, and Google business to communicate with students through their favorite channels.

automated messages

Automate communication for students and applicants

RPAiX chatbots can help you promote your courses, answer questions from students, and gather feedback to provide a better education experience.

Try RPAiX live chat even with a single step, and enjoy a smooth communication with your students, applications, and parents in not time.

loc cost investment

Match your website design with the RPAiX chat widget

Your website should have a live chat widget. RPAiX live chat lets you customize the chat widget appearance to fit your website design. For example, you can change your chat widget’s color, background, text, position, and sound.


Respond Faster

In just a few seconds, you can create canned responses templates for live communication or for the most frequently asked questions about your school and then add them to the chat. This will help you answer quicker and free up your time for other tasks.

support chat saved replies
send files

Send files to your website visitors.

Use the RPAiX live chat to send various files such as applications, schedules or advertising brochures to prospective students.


Provide knowledgebase access to your students and applicants

Your applicants, students, and educators can access a complete knowledge base created by you, which will allow them to resolve common issues on their own without having to call your service desk. Integrate the help centre directly into the RPAiX livechat widget and the FAQ bot will automatically suggest relevant articles.