AI Powered live chat and support for eCommerce by RPAiX automates customer communication. Our optimized Live Chatbot platform for eCommerce websites and the conversational market can save you time, increase sales and productivity and provide response to customers.

AI powered live chat automation for sales

Here's Why You Need to Use RPAiX Live Chat Tool for Your eCommerce Website.

boost sales

Boost e-commerce sales

Communicate with customers via your online store to increase order value and influence their buying decisions.

reduce abandonment

Reduce cart abandonment

Using the checkout page, you can automatically reach out and assist your customers.

Monitor agent's performance

Establish trust

Answer all product-related questions quickly to win your customers’ trust.


Install RPAiX live chat to any website

RPAiX Live chat is compatible across all platforms. In addition, you can add our plugins or a code snippet to your website to chat with your customers. RPAiX can also be installed on multiple websites. This will allow you to have your sales team answer customers’ queries in one app.

Human Takeover
Never miss an opportunity

A steady increase in e-commerce revenues

You can initiate more conversations with shoppers by allowing them to send them automated pop-up messages. They will quickly answer any pre-purchase questions and convert them into customers.


Train Your Own Data with Chat-GPT: Up to 100 Messages, No Programming Knowledge Required

Looking for a taste of enterprise-level capabilities without the hassle of trials? Look no further. Our basic free account at RPAiX Chat gives you a direct pass to experience the power of our platform, complete with select enterprise features, all without the limitations of a traditional trial.
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Deliver 24/7 customer self-service

Make your eCommerce store a public support center and give your customers easy access to all the FAQs you have about your services, products, and shipping. Allow customers to ask questions in real-time and automatically suggest articles.

human-line chatbot conversation
offline message

Connect RPAiX live chat and your CRM/email marketing software

RPAiX Live Chat e-commerce lets you import customer information from your CRM to the chat. Sales teams can use it to deliver excellent customer service or sell more, like in real estate related products. You can also send your contact details via chat to the email marketing system to promote special offers.


Skyrocket lead generation and conversion

RPAiX chatbots can reach out to customers visiting your e-commerce store or other affiliated websites you may have like a real estate website for instance. They will collect all the information you need to qualify them and answer their questions. This will increase conversion and clear up any doubts.

RPAiX Support Chat
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Never miss an opportunity to sell

Work from a browser or download apps for Windows and macOS. Take advantage of an opportunity to make a sale if you are connected to the internet. Mobile apps for iOS and Android are available to help you assist customers wherever they may be.


Track your performance

Find valuable insights to improve your live chat’s effectiveness and increase your eCommerce sales. Get information about the number and quality of conversations served, customer satisfaction rates, and interactions with chatbots.

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