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Improve Your Workflow with Innovative AI-Powered Live Chat Features

RPAiX Live Chat offers a variety of features that can help you save agents’ time. Give your staff the tools to increase customer service efficiency and arm them with the right tools.

RPAiX chat features
rpaix ios-android
Mobile App

Mobile App for Android & iOS

Make your Android or iOS devices a customer service hub. Talk to your customers through our innovative, progressive web application for Android and iOS. It’s quick and easy, and it works great.


Progressive Web App

RPAiX Live Chat administration section is a progressive web application that can be installed both on Windows and Macs. Also, it can be installed on Windows and Macs and any other apps on your mobile devices.

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wordpress integration

Wordpress Integration

RPAiX Live Chat for WordPress allows you to synchronize WordPress users with admins seamlessly. Your agents may also log in to the admin section without entering WordPress.


Multilingual and RTL

RPAiX Live Chat is multilingual, with RTL directions and translations available in 41 languages. You can add translations to your custom content to make it multilingual. In addition, you can use automatic language detection software.

  • Already translated in 41 languages
  • Option to easily add new translations
  • Automatic language detection
multi-lingula admin

Privacy Acceptance and GDPR

Before you open a chat, ask your users to read the terms of services, privacy policies, and GDPR. Then, you can eliminate all legal worries with just a few clicks.

  • Europe GDPR and privacy terms acceptance
  • Multilingual

Design Customization

You can customize your chat widget to reflect your brand with just one click. You can also edit CSS in seconds!

  • Set the header background image
  • Change agents or brand headers
  • Adjust colors
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rpaix live chat security

Security Is Our Top Priority

RPAiX Live Chat’s security is paramount. Security audits are conducted periodically by our security experts. In addition, we constantly implement the most current security technologies and keep abreast of the latest security threats.

  • Periodic security audits
  • AES-256-bit encryption
  • Latest security technologies
  • We stay up to date

Inline Panel and Full Screen Chat

Transform a chat into an interactive panel and place it wherever you want, be it full-screen, minimal, or just as you wish. You have a lot of customization options. 

  • Customization flexibility
  • Modern and minimal design
  • Easy to use
  • We stay up to date
rpaix inline chat

Built with Performance in Mind

Speed is everything. RPAiX Live Chat can use Webhooks instead of AJAX and HTTP requests which slow down the server. In addition, we optimized the performance of the most expensive tasks to ensure that the software runs smoothly on all websites, even those with high traffic, and on shared hosting servers with limited resources.

  • Fully asynchronous, both front-end and admin.
  • Resource-saving mode when the chat is inactive
  • Built for high-traffic websites
  • Built for limited-resource hosting
  • Ultra-compact source code
  • The most lightweight plugin for WP Rocket
  • Your data is never sold to third-party companies.
  • All conversations, user details, and other data are stored on your server.
  • We don't have access to any of your data
  • Your data is shared if you use some of our apps; see details here
  • You own all of your data
  • Excellent privacy solution

Your Data. Your Privacy

Big data has become a precious commodity. Unfortunately, data breaches have become commonplace. RPAiX Live Chat is unlike other large tech companies that violate their users’ privacy, even chat solutions. We will ensure that you retain complete control over all data.



Let your users pick the right department to start a conversation. Then, to ensure they can only access the conversations that have been assigned, assign departments to agents.

Department chat

Additional Features

You will love the extensive list of our live chat features. In the future, there will be many more.
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Premium Support

Our support team is always available to help you 24/7.

Online and Typing Status

The user can check when agents are online and what message they are typing.

Attachments, Media and Lightbox

Multiple attachments and media can be sent. View and open images in a lightbox.

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Office Hours and Timetable

A dynamic timetable that shows office hours in user’s local time.


Our panel is fully responsive and optimized for tablets and smartphones.


RPAiX Live Chat is available for all major browsers, including Safari and Opera.